Reasons Why Folded Business Cards Work

When at a trade show, networking event, or industry party, business cards are an inclusive element of your toolkit. You need yours to stand out from the group and be a “keeper,” especially when your prospective customers are becoming them by the few.

Folded business cards are fairly uncommon and due to this, they immediately demand interest. Most business cards are smooth, so when you set a fold, your card instantly sticks out from the group. Here’s why folded business cards are so powerful, with some great design ideas that can help yours end up being the perfect marketing tool.

The Novelty Factor

As discussed earlier, folded business card printing is comparatively unconventional – most people have smooth, square, or rectangular business cards. Everyone loves the intriguing and abnormal, so when they see something new, they have a tendency to hold on to it and even discuss it. When you add a fold, you’ve elevated the likelihood that your business card will be kept. If you are making sure that your design is eye-catching or clever, you encourage readers to show your unique business card to others. You could even layout the folded business card to stand in a tent shape on the table and then create a captivating exterior which will draw individuals and make them need to know a lot more. The interior could include product images, sales info, and phone details.

Prolonged Information

From a design perspective, you get potential once you move from an ordinary business card to a folded style. When you set a fold to a business card, you’ve essentially doubled how much space you’ve and how much information you can contribute. One method to use all that extra space is to provide information about your brand, products, or services. This extra information might be enough to drive prospective customers to your website and lead on to a sale.

Adding Value to Your Business Card

In addition to designing an inspirational and eye-catching folded business card that ensures you grab prospects’ attention, you may make sure that they hold onto your business card and continue to use it by adding value to it. Create a coupon, stamp card, or mini survey on a single of the pages, and provide some type of discount or gift for redeeming it, causing individuals to wish to hold onto it. You might add in a handy conversion chart, calendar, fixture list, or other useful information, as it will create people using your business card time and again, and more often than not they will show it to others too.

Business cards are extremely powerful marketing tools, and with Smartpress you can create a high-quality, professional folded business card that will enable you to get your business seen for all the right reasons.

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